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Jennifer is a 50 year old lady who works as a manager in the tech industry. Jennifer had become a little concerned over the years as her weight had gradually crept up and she was finding it increasingly difficult to make time for any form of exercise due to her intense work schedule and busy home life. Her older brother had an unexpected heart attack when he was 55 years old despite being someone who in her eyes was quite health conscious and had ‘normal’ blood tests as recently as 6 months before his unfortunate event. Jennifer was also concerned that the one and only blood test she had in the last 5 years showed a ‘high cholesterol’ level that she did not understand or have any plan in addressing. Jenifer had also become concerned as she was suffering with more and more head colds each winter. She came to Ikaria looking for advice on how she should approach and address all the issues that were on her mind.

Jennifer had an initial consultation that involved a detailed chat regarding her current concerns, her health history, her family history , and her short, medium and long term goals. After a comprehensive blood analysis and review consultation a number of issues were identified for Jennifer. While her HbA1C level (a traditional test used to identify diabetes) was borderline, a more nuanced blood test confirmed that she was indeed displaying metabolic evidence of Insulin Resistance that would eventually culminate in a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in years to come. As wellas this, she was advised as having a very low Vitamin D status and amoderately high ‘LDL cholesterol’. Fortunately through insightful analysis, while her ‘LDL cholesterol’ was indeed slightly high, her all-important Cholesterol ratios were very reassuring.She elected to have a DEXA scan to measure her weight and body composition and due to the significant history of early onset heart disease in her family she had a Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) scan in her local imaging centre.

Through regular engagement, measuring and tracking Jennifer put in place her unique lifestyle plan that aimed for maximum enjoyment with the minimal impact on her otherwise busy life. She commenced a nutritional plan using a Low-Carb approach combined with some occasional intermittent fasting to manage her insulin resistance. This was overseen by our Performance Nutritionist who also works with Professional Athletes. Her preferred choice of exercise was that of High-Intensity-Interval-Training that allowed her get most bang-for-buck from her limited time. She invested in an affordable set of Kettle Bells for home and was advised on how to use these effectively. In 6 months, her body weight decreased from 85Kg to 70kg, and she made an improvement from 30% body fat % to just 20% body fat percentage. She lost 20kg of dangerous abdominal fat and gained 5kg of lean muscle mass. Her Vitamin D status improved from 20 to 80 and she ensured she gained maximum safe benefit from the best source of Vitamin D, natural sunlight. As a result of these interventions, she felt healthier and more confident, her energy levels dramatically improved and her sleep hygiene was no longer a concern. She no longer required the occasional prescription for sleeping aides from her GP. Her Cardiac scan showed she had no calcium deposits, an appropriate investigation given her risk factors so she was supremely confident going forward that she had the tools at her disposal to track her health on a regular basis. She enjoys the benefits conferred by a regular glass of red wine and doesn’t deny herself a take-away oncein a while.

Her brother has since joined Ikaria to both address and reverse his risk factors for subsequent cardiac events.

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Harry is a 30 year old Accountant. He was an elite level rugby playerin his early 20s but retied form the game at 27 to focus on his career. He hopes to return to the sport in a coaching capacity in the years to come. Harry recently started a gym programme but soon after developed ongoing shoulder pain. After a short rehab programme his shoulder was slow to improve and both Harry and his Physiotherapist wanted the advice of a Sports Physician. After aninitial consultation Harry had an MRI the following day where an extensive bursitis and some para-tendon inflammation was discovered. After risks were explained Harry elected to have a Joint Injection to aid with his rehab programme. He returned to the gym in full capacity within 4 weeks.
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Elite level cyclist

Megan is a 20 year old elite level cyclist who was having concerns regarding her reduced performance in recent months. She had a history of some weight loss that she said was intentional in order to ‘go faster’. She had no GP and was concerned as the start of the racing season was imminent. Megan had an extensive blood panel where it was discovered she had iron deficient anaemia. As part of her consultation she was advised to have a DEXA scan to measure her bone density which was subsequently shown to be reduced. Sheproceeded to have follow up consultations with both our Sports Medicine Doctor and our Performance Nutritionist to address all her complex concerns. Megan not only resolved her iron levels through both nutrition and supplementation but also improved her bone density to prevent against any orthopaedic injuries. She made changes to her body composition and her performance was not only restored but improved compared to her previous best season.