Sports and Performance Medicine

Sports Medicine with Dr. Alan Farrell

Dr. Farrell has worked in Ireland and around the World with both Professional and Amateur Athletes and Teams. Please click here to see the Variety of Consults and Services offered.


Dr. Alan Farrell

Musculoskeletal Injuries
Recurring Soft Tissue Injures
Consults inclusive of Imaging (MRI) referrals and referrals to other specialists
Reduced Performance or Fatigue
General Fatigue
Unexplained Under-Performance
Blood tests and interpretation
The Female Athlete
Stress Injuries
Energy Deficiency
Unexplained Fatigue
Unexplained Under-Performance
Overuse Injuries
Stress Injuries
Recurring Muscle/Ligament/Tendon Injures
Sports Specific Concerns

Field Sport Injuries
Endurance Sports Specific Issues (cycling/running/triathlon/rowing/swimming)
General Performance or Activity related Musculoskeletal concerns (dancing/walking/gardening)

Other Healthcare Professionals
For Professionals working with Athletes or Performers who wish to discuss access to imaging or other expert advice.

Sports and Performance Nutrition with Marcus Shorthall

Marcus Shortall MSc. is a Performance Nutritionist currently working in international rugby. He has also consulted to elite male and female athletes competing in golf, tennis, Gaelic Games and athletics. He is an accredited performance nutritionist and a member of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) with the British Dietetic Association (BDA). He has expertise in all aspects of applied sports nutrition, in particular injury nutrition.


Marcus Shorthall