Marcus Shortall – Ikaria

Once off online performance nutrition consultation

60 minute video consultation on any aspect of performance nutrition. You will have the opportunity to sense check your own current performance nutrition practices, or work with Marcus to plan your performance nutrition approach to any part of your training/competition. Bespoke individualised programs and planscan also be commissioned based on your needs.


Online performance nutrition coaching packages

  • Time – It is important that your needs are catered to properly during the consultationprocess. In order to do this we first have to gather information on your background, lifestyle factors and training history. This takestime. The pre consultation forms and dietary assessments serve as an important foundation to build upon and hopefully start a pathforward together.
  • Service – The package fee covers the initial consultation and two additional 60 minute follow up consultations. Each session will take approximately 60 mins. Additionally follow-up and check in services as well as bespoke individualised plans are also available; the format of which can be arranged directly with Marcus to suit your needs.
  • Consultations – These sessions will be conducted online via Zoom, Facetime or whatsapp video call. These sessions will be used to define current nutrition-related issues, investigate the root of these issues, plan interventions and set targets to work onduring the period between formal sessions.
  • Services offered
  • – Assess dietary practices
    – Implement and monitor performance nutrition strategies using individual plans for training, competition, body composition, general health, injury recovery, recovery.
    – Nutrition and diet advice for the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    – Work with existing coaches/physio therapists/strength coaches

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