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Chronic Disease and Lifestyle Medicine Explained
Chronic or Metabolic Disease is taking over the World with developed and developing World Healthcare systems in danger of collapse from this disease burden in the coming decades.

While our traditional, conventional way of practicing medicine particularly in the ‘western’ world has provided us with a phenomenal understating of,and treatments for acute illnesses such as infectious disease and traumatic injuries, it has absolutely failed in the management of chronic lifestyle diseases. Most people nowadays are overweight. Most people, even though they may not be aware of this are Insulin Resistant (Pre-Diabetic). Shockingly these stats are not solely the domain of adults, with children having succumbed to these epidemics also.

The Chronic Diseases we speak of include amongst others; Diabetes or Insulin Resistance, Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, Certain Cancers, Dementia including Alzheimer’s disease, certain Inflammatory conditions, and more. Many of these disease states evolve through complex metabolic mechanisms that are common to all of these conditions. Once we understand the root causes and drivers of these conditions, we are perfectly placed to put in place lifestyle management plans to prevent and reverse these issues.

Contrary to conventional wisdom and many ‘experts’, some of the explanations given to the Public regarding the reasons for their poor health status are incorrect, with a focus on blaming the individual for not ‘following the advice’ or for making ‘bad’ decisions. This approach is wrong and the advice given can be also wildly incorrect with no focus on the processes driving one’s ill health.

At Ikaria, we aim to provide our clients with a better understanding of their own personal health status as well as help them identify their uniquerisks, their primary goals, and the tools they would like to put in place so they are perfectly equipped to make intelligent informed decisions about their Health going forward in their lives.

We understand that each person is unique and consequently has different requirements and goals. In order to provide the most appropriate services to our clients, we offer different levels of membership that can be availed of. We can also help you identify the subscription that best suits your needs and goals if as many people do you require a bit of help in deciding.Many people are also well in tune with their health so are a little more informed as to their requirements from their membership.

The principle that one needs to live by when addressing health is one of reviewing and improving. At Ikaria, we aim to help our clients establish good ‘tracking’ habits. The measurement, and tracking of markers such asweight, body composition, blood values, and more help guide clients in identifying the variety of lifestyle habits that are best for them. By measuring, tracking and re-measuring we can observe the changes (or lack of them) over time and adjust our choices accordingly. This is the mistake of modern medicine; not tracking, reviewing, adjusting and improving. Moreover, everyone is different and what works for one personmay not work for someone else e.g. One person may benefit from a Keto diet while someone else obtains little benefit, one person gains from endurance exercise while another person derives little benefit or satisfaction. A proper lifestyle approach to health is one that recognises that you are unique at every level and the choices best suited to you are also unique.

Some of the services included in our Lifestyle Medicine Packages and Consults:


Lifestyle Medicine Consultation

Blood Analysis (easy access to at-home and clinic-based blood samples)

DEXA (for body composition and bone density measurements)


Cardiac Imaging (CAC)

Performance Nutritionist Consultation
Common Topics Explained
Insulin Resistance: the elephant in the room
Cholesterol: not all that it seems
Fasting: less is often more
Exercise: in all it’s forms
Sleep: the new science
Vitamins: the metabolic markers
Oxidative Stress: what is important
Inflammation: too much of a good thing
Advanced Blood Tests

Some of the treatment and management approaches that we use


Nutritional Advice


Fasting Advice (Intermittent Fasting and Time Restricted Feeding)


Exercise Advice


Sleep Strategies


Supplement support


Mind Body support


Prescriptions (if appropriate and evidence based)


Referrals to other Specialists


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