Blood Tests

Lets get Checked for your at-home self testing option
At Ikaria we are interested in the Master Markers of Metabolic Health. Most of the important biomarkers in our body are part of a very sophisticated system that has evolved over millions of years and are ultimately interconnected. These markers reflect how healthy we are metabolically and give us important information about our risk for Chronic preventable disease such as Obesity and Diabetes in the future. Most blood results measured in a traditional medical environment only tell us that we are ‘disease free’. It does not tell us if we are functioning optimally. At Ikaria we help you measure, improve and remeasure your biomarkers so you know the choices you are making are making a positive impact on your performance today and your health in the future.

Through our Affiliate Partners we offer both easy to access at home self-testing and traditional venous sample testing in a clinic.

Depending on your Membership plan or you requirements decided by you and our Doctor you can access the following tests:

  • Insulin/Insulin Resistance (including Glucose and Diabetes check)
  • Vitamin D
  • Inflammatory Markers (hsCRP)
  • Lipid Panel
  • Liver Function Tests
  • Performance Panel (Testosterone, Thyroid Function, Iron levels)
  • Metabolic Deep Dive (including tests such as advanced Lipoproteins and homocysteine)

By improving or adjusting your lifestyle choices through an alteration in your nutrition, exercise plan, sleep improvement amongst others, you can see the metabolic evidence of those changes by tracking your results over time. If you go off track at any time like we all do, you can easily remeasure and decide what improvements you need to make at any time.

See our Subscription Packages or Book a Consultation to discuss recommendations that best suit your individual needs.