Ikaria is an exciting new Platform for People who want to engage with their Health in a meaningful way. Established by Dr. Alan Farrell (an expert in Sports, Lifestyle ang High Performance Medicine), and Dr. Conor Murphy, Ikaria allows Clients access to Digital Consultations, Blood tests, Advanced Imaging, Performance Nutritionist consults and much more. Dr. Farrell also helps both elite and recreational Athletes and Performers from all walks of life who have concerns about their performance in and out of the Sports Environment.

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Dr. Alan Farrell

Lifestyle and Preventative Medicine

Ikaria provides clients with regular access to Lifestyle and Preventative Medicine consultations, appropriate blood tests focused on metabolic health and long term health outcomes, expert Nutritional advice with our Performance Nutritionist, appropriate advanced imaging such as CAC scores, body composition scans and much more.If engaging with your Health in a meaningful, proactive and productive way is for you, please see our Lifestyle and Preventative Medicine consultation and subscription packages and get in touch today. If you would like to discuss what subscription packages best suit your needs please contact us at info@ikaria.ie

Doctor consultations

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Advanced imaging

Lifestyle advice

Sports and Performance Medicine

Dr. Alan Farrell is an expert in Sports and High Performance Medicine. He has worked with Professional Teams across many Sports over the last 10 years including Professional Rugby and Professional Cycling. Alan has worked with the IRFU, Ireland’s National Rugby governing body looking after the National Rugby Sevens programme and works as an IndependentDoctor for both the Pro14 and European Champions Cup competitions. He has also worked with many World and Olympic medal winners including multiple Tour de France winners.

If you have concerns related to Sport or your Performance generally please see our Sports and Performance Medicine consultation options. Dr. Farrell also offers a range of services to other Health Professionals such as access to appropriate advanced imaging, joint and soft tissue injection therapy, our in-house Performance Nutritionist and access to a range of experts in Ireland and the UK.